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Starring:  Angela Cohen, Vinny Duwe,  Sean R. Brooks, Nicole Galati, Steven Nelson, Roberto Lombardi,

Joseph Campellone, Jason J. Michael, Omar Portilla, Stosh Zona, Anita Sabherwal, Derek DeAngelis, Tanya Badgley, Steven Rourke, Trey Sutliff, Mandee Capone

Production Company:  Thundercrack Films

Genre:  Comedy


When Gus Bazook built his gym he never imagined that his sons, Angus and Judah, would someday battle for control.  When Judah and his henchmen resort to sabotage and hidden camera, Angus and his employees decide a sexy overhaul is their only chance to save the gym from the wrecking ball.  This hilarious comedy is a must see, future cult classic.



Webbcam Exhibitionist

Starring:  Steffie, Tiffany, Samantha, Shannon, Cassie, Jade, Angel, Nicole

Prodcuction Company: Mickey Wilde Productions

Genre:  Documentary


Webcam Exhibitionist is a revealing look at the entrepenurial women who run and appear on internet webcams.  These R to X-rated sites are owned and operated by a variety of women -- an aspiring Hollywood Actress, a theology doctorate student, a self-described business woman, a gentlemen's magazine model, and an alleged madam.  Each discusses their path to exhibitionism on the interent as well as the pros, cons, pitfalls, money, the voyeurs and more.  Their sometimes shocking webcam exploits are also reveled and intertwined with interviews.  It's a fascinating look at the business of exhibitionism.

In the Flesh: The New York Strip Scene

Starring:  Amy Lynn Baxter, Ashlyn Gere, Chrissy Winters, Frankie Layne, Jessie, Crystalyne

Production Company: Paranoia Pictures

Genre:  Documentary


This documentary follows the country's most beautiful topless dancers on and off stage in New York City's most popular strip clubs. A revealing look into the live's of the dancers. The girls speak out on a myriad of subjects: how they got started in the business, what they think of the their clients, what their families think, drugs, alcohol, plastic surgery, their hopes, their dreams, and the money.








Rent Now at!


Starring:  Thomas G. Manning, Michael G. Leonard, Dylan Rossi, Donna Salvatore, Sean Donnellan,

Thomas Partridge, Ross Resnick, Frank LoBuono

Production Company:  Truancy Films

Genre:  Comedy, Road Movie


A mailman in the dying industrial town of Tyler, Michigan meets up with a free-spirited drifter for an impromptu road trip to New Jersey.  Along the way they encounter backwood theives, women of questionable virtue, and a strange dive bar on Hawaiian night.  More imprtantly, there are life lessons and heartbreak which make their arrival in the land of the high-haired women all the sweeter.  



Monroe and Lester
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