IN THE FLESH: The New York Strip Scene

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Starring:  Amy Lynn Baxter, Ashlyn Gere, Chrissy Winters, Frankie Layne,                          Jessie, Crystalyne

Production Company: Paranoia Pictures

Genre:  Documentary


"IN THE FLESH: The New York Strip Scene" puts you front and center in some of New York's most infamous strip clubs during the height of the topless craze. This all-access pass into the lives of the dancers profiles some of the most popular talent of the day including Amy Lynn Baxter (Penthouse, Howard Stern Show), Ashlyn Gere (porn star legend, Penthouse), featured dancer Chrissy Winters, Frankie Layne and more! IN THE FLESH combines interviews, astonishing dance segments, and sexy behind-the-scenes footage to create an exciting, informative, and entertaining film. Amy, Ashlyn, and all the girls answer the most asked questions about their personal lives and careers. This voyeuristic look into the lives of these beautiful topless dancers is a must see for anyone who ever wondered what happens behind the glow of the neon lights.


Starring: Amy Lynn Baxter (Penthouse, Howard Stern Show), Ashlyn Gere (porn star legend, Penthouse), Chrissy Winters (Cheri Magazine), Frankie Layne (Beverly Hills Blondes, Malibu Heat), Jessie, and Crystalyne.



Amy Lynn dance show
Ashlyn Gere lotion show
Amy Lynn oil show
Chrissy Winters dance show 
Amy Lynn shower show


Nudity, Mature audiences, not rated


Best viewed on laptops, tablets, phones.


Full version -- documentary (60 min) and bonus footage (44 min)
Feature only -- documentary only (60 min)
Bonus footage only -- dance footage only (44 min)



Rent or Buy !

IN THE FLESH freaking rocks!!  Excellent production that digs down into the lives of the New York strip scene!  

                                           --- Thrae Entertainment

Feature and Bonus Footage

Feature only 

Bonus footage only


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